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Joyce doesn’t look much different from the other elephants in her exhibit at Six Flags Great Adventure’s safari. But her history is filled with heartbreak and loneliness. 🐘 Most of her herd was slaughtered in Zimbabwe 35 years ago as part of a culling operation. Locals were trying to protect vegetation from the elephants’ appetites. 🐘 Joyce was airlifted to safety with 62 other elephant calves by an eccentric American millionaire. He intended for them to have a peaceful life on his private ranch in Florida. 🐘 But she was soon sold into the circus, traveling in a cramped trailer and being forced to dance. She was later bounced to different zoos and amusement parks. 🐘 Joyce changed hands a half-dozen times across thousands of miles before she finally settled at Six Flags Great Adventure’s safari attraction in Jackson. 🐘 Read more about her incredible journey at the link in our bio or at 🐘 Photos courtesy of Derek Worsley, Joe Frisco and Andre Malok. #newjersey #wildnewjersey #njisntboring #nj #njdotcom #sixflags #greatadventure #safari #sixflagsgreatadventure #jackson #jacksonnj

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