Interview with Brian Sella and Mat Uychich of The Front Bottoms 03/08/16

Sydney: What’s it’s been like with Fueled by Ramen?

Brian Sella: It feels good, right?

Mat Uychich: Yeah, it’s pretty cool. They let us kinda do what we want to do.

Sydney: Yeah?

Mat: And just they let us have fun.

Brian: That’s it.

Sydney: Was it not as free before to do what you wanted, or…

Brian: Umm, it was, I mean we were signed to an independent label.

Sydney: You were with Bar/None.

Brian: Yeah, in… Hoboken? Weehawken.

Mat: I think it’s just maybe, now easier to do our crazier ideas than it was before.

Sydney: Ok, cool, cool.

Brian: ‘Cause before, we were working with a smaller pool of money. Or like, not even a pool of money, but just like, in terms of Bar/None, like a label that’s just like, whatever your ideas are, like ok we’ll just try to figure it out and get it done, you know, so that could cause a lot of like, ‘Oh, ok, so we can’t do this, we can do this, we can’t do that.’ Where now, it’s just like all right, we can just kind of do whatever .

Sydney: So about what you can do, do you have any future plans that are coming up soon? Like musically or any shows or anything like that?

Brian: Not really. Just tours, and the ‘Grandma’ series, we’re gonna revisit.

Sydney: Oh, that’s exciting.

Brian: And I’m gonna do an audio book

Sydney: Audio book?

Brian: Yeah, I’m gonna write a book and do an audio book along with it. Soundscape it. It should be cool, we’ll see what happens.

Sydney: What’s that about?

Brian: It’s just a fictional story about nothing, basically.

Sydney: Cool.

Brian: But I’m going to soundscape it and we’ll see what happens.

Sydney: Ok, that’s awesome. My last question is, you guys released a song yesterday. So what’s the story with that one?

Brian: We recorded that in Switzerland, right?

Mat: Yeah, during soundcheck for the show “Portlandia.”

Sydney: Oh, really?

Mat: So that’s what… yeah, it’s for the show.

Sydney: Well all right, awesome.

Mat: Yeah, I think a lot of people are confused by it.

Sydney: I… I think they are confused, yeah, but it’s definitely fun, so that’s like you guys.

Both: Thanks!

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