Interview with Waka Flocka Flame 01/30/16

Sydney: I was wondering if you think you’re going to stick to your trend of releasing mixtapes, ’cause it seems like there has been… a lot are out, especially this year, there’s been a couple. And I guess that kind of allows you to be more creative and collaborate with other people. So, do you want to keep doing that? Or do you think you want to start working on another album in the near future?

Waka: I feel like mixtapes are albums.

Sydney: Yeah?

Waka: You’re just a little more lazy on a mixtape than you would be on an album, but technically, a lot of people be overworking their albums and they sound like shit. Now people are like “I gotta go to the next level,” and people here be like, “Ok, come back to Earth. Fucking level,” you know? But to me, mixtapes and albums are the same thing. I’mma do whatever it take. At the end of the day, an album, it just gets more technical just because you gotta go by corporate standards. You gotta prepare for this day, two months down the line, and maybe the sound of music don’t sound the same in two months. So that’s why, in my opinion, people prefer mixtapes — because it’s right then and there. It’s the feeling. If you lose the feeling in music… *shakes head* So there ain’t no telling what I’m gonna do.

Sydney: Yeah. We’ll wait and see.

Waka: I got all my music out on mixtape today. I was like “Fuck that! You trying to put me on mixtape? They playing with me! I’m looking like I’m not out here! Ahhh!” But then I got back to reality and I was like, I’mma hold it and wait ’till we get on the call.

Sydney: Yeah, and then Turn Up Godz was really cool. You’ve been working with more EDM-type music, so my second question is what’s your favorite part about blending more electronic music with rap music?

Waka: Honestly, I like EDM. American likes trap-EDM. Hip-hop artists like trap-EDM. They don’t like EDM. Like, I be hearing people like, “This is EDM,” and I’m like, “No, that’s trap. Big difference.” See, when I learned electronic music, I wasn’t in America. I was in Europe for like four months listening to like, deep house, dirty house —

Sydney: So it’s a lot different there?

Waka: *nods* — Dutch style… that’s how I learned it. When I got to America, it’s like, America was liking the shit Europe was liking five years ago. The stuff I was hearing like, when I first started rapping and going to Europe, like, they was playing then, know what I’m saying? So like, America catch on slow. So actually, we’re behind in the electronic. So when I was in Europe, I was like, “Fuck that, I’mma start doing this when I get home!” It’s like coming back with some new sneakers. I just came back with like, a new style of music. And when I got home, I was — actually, that’s the reason I didn’t drop Flockavelli 2. That was in like, 2013, I think it was, and I was coming home, ’cause I was preparing for my album, ’cause I did my whole album like a year ago, like, “Hey, I’m gonna shit on them,” ahhh, whatever. Ended up losing my fucking hard drive. Lost all my music.

Sydney: Oh no.

Waka: I don’t know, it was like red rocks. Somebody stole my cameraman’s bag with like 14 videos, both albums — Flockaveli 2 and the sequel to the album that was gonna drop 45 days after the album, for free — I had videos all set up for the sequel and shit. Lost everything. So I’m like, fuck! I was fucked, you know what I’m saying? So then somebody come up and was like, “Yo, Steve Aoki going on tour.” And Paul goes, our new guy Paul goes. I’m like, “All right, who’s Steve?” Then I look and I saw, finally, his dad was like Benihana, his sister was this, and I see Steve’s fucking throwing cakes… Steve start throwing em. So I’m like, shit, man, people actually like them! They was fan favorites. So I’m like, ok, these are my kind of people, ’cause you like the fans and they fuck with you, aight. I been on tours with people — I don’t wanna say their name — where their fucking dressing room is like the CIA was working back there. People have air bugs… and it was summertime.

Sydney: Like, no chill.

Waka: *nods* They even have volleyball in the back! Like hanging up eye candy. It was sickening! So I’m like, aight, lemme fuck with Steve. And I just hooked up with Steve and pshhhh.

Sydney: Awesome. Well thank you so much for coming tonight.

Waka: Yeah, I can’t wait to come back. Them beans were sick as fuck.









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