Interview with We The Kings 10/09/14

Sydney: Your newest album has lots of electronic elements and different influences, and that’s a lot different compared to earlier songs like “Check Yes Juliet.” How has the band evolved since 2007?

Travis: I think… well, since 2007 it’s been crazy, but I think it would be more accurate to say we’ve evolved album-to-album. You know, in 2007 we released our self-titled. 2009 was Smile Kid and the majority of songs are written on piano, so it had kind of like a Coldplay-feel to it. We all love Coldplay so we were extremely influenced by them, and then 2011, it was kind of like acoustic vs. singer/songwriter album. And then the… uh, Somewhere Somehow? I’m forgetting all the names. We have four albums, so it’s great. Yeah, Somewhere Somehow. There it is. That album, it was just kind of a mix of everything. It had the acoustic elements with the electronic elements so I think part of it subconsciously has been keeping up with the times, with everything becoming like EDM and dance and house music. Which I like.

Charles: And bringing in two more people’s opinions on music.

Travis: Charles and Coley officially joined the band kind of during the release of Sunshine State of Mind, but for Somewhere Somehow they actually had a big input. So it was kind of like five people’s influences on the music vs. just like, you know, one or two or three people. That actually helped a lot. I think we’ll continue to grow. We don’t ever wanna put out the same record twice. Even like… “Check Yes Juliet” was, you know, one of our biggest songs, but we’ve had, you know, four songs…

Charles: Like the one on kazoos?

Travis: What?

Charles: We had one on kazoos come out… You don’t know what a kazoo is?

Travis: No.

Charles: *imitates a kazoo*

Travis: Oh yes, we have a kazoo song. That I don’t know about yet. But, you know, “Check Yes” was one of our biggest songs ever, but I don’t wanna write that same song over and over again. I want that to live in the present of where it was and just be the song that people fell in love with. We’ve had a bunch of people, especially on this new album — Charles does YouTube videos every day, he’s got like an insane record — there are a lot of people that, since he joined the band, who are like, “Just Keep Breathing” is the first We The Kings song that they had heard, which was kind of our single off that new album. And then they heard “Check Yes,” and then they heard all the other ones, so it’s really interesting to see where people find out about We The Kings, and what year they found out about us.

You can see my brief cameo in both Travis’ and Charles’ vlogs here. Also, note The Front Bottoms playing “Swear to God the Devil Made Me Do It” in the background during their sound check.

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