Interview with The Front Bottoms 10/09/14

Sydney: In the beginning, you guys just recorded music and you didn’t really master it or mix it. You just threw it online right away. What inspired you to share your music in that way in the beginning, and what made you transition to more professional recordings, like with Talon of the Hawk?

Brian Sella: I think in the beginning, me and Matt didn’t know so much about how it was supposed to be done. We just knew we had these songs and our friends wanted to hear them, so that was the only thing that we… that was as far as we thought. And we would just, like you said, record the songs and then without mixing them or mastering them, like a lot of times that night we would just put them online, email them to our friends. It was just about getting people, like, yeah it had a lot to do with the fact that we didn’t really know how to mix and how to master. We didn’t have the equipment or anything, but we knew.. I remember we always felt very strongly, like, “These songs are good as hell,” like, who cares if they sound shitty, you know? Let’s just let people hear them. And that was kind of the idea behind that. And also, in the beginning, me and Matt were like, let’s just have as much crap out there, as many songs, as many versions of songs, so that when people, if people, ever do find out about us, there will be an endless amount of crap that you could go back and listen to. So that had a lot to do with the re-recording the old songs, as well. ‘Cause maybe people would get interested and maybe go back and listen to the original recordings. But it was just kind of like the idea of, we want people to hear this now. We’re not going to be famous or on the radio, so who cares? Let’s just let the people listen to it. *banging fists on desk* Let the people listen to it!

Sydney: While we’re talking about songs, you said you never thought that you guys would be famous and you were kind of just recording for yourself and for your friends. So I was wondering, what song, when you were up on stage, when were you playing a song and you really felt like you were a real band?

Brian: I mean, I think the — what I would have to say is when we made “Twin Size Mattress,” like the ending of that song.

Sydney: That’s my favorite.

Brian: Yeah, there you go, exactly! We played it last, when it first came out, we were like, this is a good jam.

Sydney: You knew it was gonna be awesome.

Brian: Yeah. It felt good and then people reacted positively to it. And then, like, all the bands we would go on tour with would come out and play the song with us so it was like, “Oh okay, people like this song.” So that definitely felt good. But also, I feel like all the songs kinda… I’m always surprised when we’re about to play a song like “Bathtub” or something… I’m like, this is a slower song, you know, not as jumpy or whatever, but people sing and know the words, so its pretty wild. But I would say probably yeah, “Twin Size” for me. What do you guys think?

Tom Warren: Same.

Matt Uychich: Yeah.

Tom: Thats the song that, like, no matter what, really is always like… relatable.

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