Interview with New Politics 10/09/14

Sydney: “Harlem” was such a huge song. You said *pointing at drummer Louis Vecchio* you are from New York, but the rest of you guys just came over here. So I feel like that was interesting that you guys all worked together on “Harlem.” What was your inspiration behind that?

Søren Hansen: I think it was… the inspiration is that we lived in New York and we actually had a year where we tried to write the album, because coming off the first album… the first album was very personal to us when we wrote it because that was everything we would be talking about! You know, the lyrics and the first album, and it was just energy energy energy…

David: The war, the economy crashing, was all during that period.

Søren: Yeah all these things! So we were very… not that we know anything — we don’t know anything about politics really, but I think everybody has a general idea of when things don’t work.

David: An opinion!

Søren: Yes, an opinion. So when we suddenly came to America and we didn’t know what direction we should take the second album in, the only thing we knew was that if it doesn’t mean something, we’re gonna scratch the song. So we wrote and we wrote and we wrote. We wrote hundreds of songs. And we literally did not… it was like… once in a while, there was something like “this is pretty good, but it’s not there,” so we kept going, we kept going, we kept going. And then, I think at some point, there was this… I lived in a place in Williamsburg, and my upstairs roommate, he was a really good friend of mine. And he had a party and there was some girl there from Harlem — the only time he came to visit me…

David: In Williamsburg? That woman was sick, man.

Søren: Yeah. So it’s about… it was like… everything was so new to us that we, like, even, you know, coming from Denmark, you have heard of all these places and you’ve seen them in movies. But you have never been there. Because, basically, all you know is the stuff from the movies and the stuff from news you hear on TV and stuff. So as far as coming over here, even Williamsburg will be heard about. You know, you’ve seen Manhattan so many times and so everything was so new to us, including Harlem, so we thought it was a good story. But that’s actually all it was. But it was personal to us, because that whole album is about the transition from…

Louis: Yeah, but she’s talking about the song!

Søren: Yeah, but that’s very related to the album!

Sydney: We can talk about the album too!

Søren: The whole album was the transition! And us suddenly being in a new place. That’s what we didn’t realize we had to write about. But then when we found out, the songs came very fast.

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