Five indie tracks to blast at your next party

School is back in session, so get ready for tons of tests, heaps of homework and, most importantly, plenty of parties. If you’re tired of hearing the same rap and EDM songs every weekend, you have come to the right place. Try out these fresh tracks on your own guests or suggest them to your host next time you head out. Grouplove, Ghost Beach and Panama Wedding are guaranteed to get your party started right.


Grouplove’s Wessen performs “Spun,” his debut at lead vocals. (Courtesy of Flickr)

1. “Spun” by Grouplove

Nearly everyone can recognize Christian Zucconi’s distinct falsetto on Grouplove’s number one hit “Tongue Tied,” but not many are familiar with “Spun,” let alone with guitarist Andrew Wessen’s raspier voice. The song kicks off with a bright ukelele riff and immediately tumbles into a fast-paced verse eagerly executed by Wessen. Start your party off on the right foot with this high-energy song.

2. “Been There Before” by Ghost Beach

(Courtesy of The Deli Magazine)

Josh Ocean and Eric Mendelsohn’s music will take you right back to the ’80s. (Courtesy of The Deli Magazine)

This self-described “tropical grit pop” unit has a knack for creating upbeat retro-pop tunes with shimmering electronic elements. “Been There Before” is one of the funkier tracks from the band’s latest album “Blonde,” complete with cascading synths in the intro and an’80s-sounding instrumental bridge. If this song managed to pump up the crowd at Firefly Music Festival this summer, it’s safe to say it will do the same for your partygoers.

3. “Houdini” by Foster the People

(Courtesy of The Guardian)

Foster the People released their latest album “Supermodel” in March. (Courtesy of The Guardian)

The catchy melody in this track is something we haven’t really seen from Foster the People until “Torches” was released in 2011. Mark Foster channels Passion Pit with a stylistic weaving-together of keyboard sounds and plinky electronics, “Houdini” dramatically differs from the band’s first song to hit the airwaves in 2010, “Pumped Up Kicks,” which has a darker undertone. Don’t let initial impressions fool you, though — give “Houdini” a shot and you won’t regret it.

4. “Polish Girl” by Neon Indian

(Courtesy of Neon Indian)

Neon Indian has played at Bonnaroo, Coachella and Pitchfork Music Festival. (Courtesy of Neon Indian)

Even though “Polish Girl” is about a failed relationship and Alan Palomo’s wistful tone shadows the entire track, it is delivered in such a poppy way that you can’t help but sway back and forth to bleepy synth lines and a chill melody. Waves of electronica wash over the single, accented with arcade sounds, making it the perfect party song.

5. “All of the People” by Panama Wedding

(Courtesy of Capital City Film Fest)

Panama Wedding opened for Twenty One Pilots at The College of New Jersey’s winter concert in 2014. (Courtesy of Capital City Film Fest)

Perhaps one of the greatest feel-good songs of the year, “All of the People” is performed with effervescent vocals and an effortless rhythm. This particular track gave the one-year-old project a foothold in the industry and it’s not hard to see why. Tied together with hopeful lyrics (“You know maybe you just made me believe”) and opulent synths, this catchy summer anthem is sure to last into the fall.

Did I miss any awesome indie party songs? Share them with me!

4 thoughts on “Five indie tracks to blast at your next party

  1. Really great list post! I think that the visual impact of the blog is impressive, particularly in the way that you break up your text with photos. It’s visually appealing and makes me want to read the entire article. Your blog feels very complete because every section is full of articles and personal information. I would consider adding social media buttons to make yourself more accessible. Aside from that, this is a really good blog!


  2. This post is great! It is informative and the pictures add to the post. The only thing I would change is making the titles of each number bold. That way, the band names will stand out. Other than that, it is a great post and I can’t wait to listen to each track!

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  3. I really liked this blog a lot. Your overview of the songs were informative yet brief. I also really like that you linked the songs to Youtube so I can just click the link and listen to the song. For your next blog maybe you can just bold more words to keep each part distinctive.

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